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Having been inspired by the brilliant observations of Teilhard de Chardin, we are committed to serve humanity in an extremely broad way, providing support for each and every human activity that can lead us to an optimized future.


In his work, the nature of Omega Point is a state we trust we will arrive at once our human institutions and consciousness evolve to the place of awareness that we can, in fact, not merely in our dreams, create what some call “Heaven on Earth.”


We define Heaven on Earth as the existence when every single human being on the planet enjoys the full realization that they are entitled, as a basic human right, to each of the “Nine Universal Human Rights” listed below, and actually experiences the result of those Human Rights in their daily lives.


The Nine Universal Human Rights are:

  • Access to adequate clean, potable water.

  • Enough food to supply minimum daily nutritional needs.

  • Adequate shelter suitable for human living.

  • Adequate clothing, regardless of climate.

  • Adequate medical care.

  • Access to non-gender biased education appropriate for the cultural region within which the individual lives.

  • Freedom from personal (e.g. inter-family) and collective violence (e.g. war).

  • Freedom of personal expression, both artistically and politically.

  • The right to co-habit in an environmentally healthy biosphere.


As stewards for this dedicated non-profit organization, our goal is to maximize the leverage we can obtain with our public funding to assist human civilization to move towards recognition of each of these Human Rights for humanity.  We trust that once they have all been achieved, we will have accomplished moving to the Omega Point.





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