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Omega Point Projects tend to last many months, and in some cases years, as they have a set goal which can take a prolonged amount of planning, coordination, time, resources, management focus, and the support of other individuals and third party organizations.  An example would be the three year period required to incubate the United States Peace Academy to the point that it received its own non-profit accreditation with the Internal Revenue Service, its own permanent staff, and an independent funding base, at which point Omega Point Institute released the then fully-formed Peace Academy to proceed independently.



Mothers for Peace.jpeg

Mothers for Peace is a group of “Local Activists for a Nuclear-Free Future” and “Legal Intervenors in Diablo Safety Issues since 1973”

This San Luis Obispo nonprofit organization is concerned about the dangers posed by Diablo Canyon and other nuclear reactors, nuclear weapons, and radioactive waste. It also works to promote peace, environmental and social justice, and renewable energy.

The Omega Point Institute is a proud, long-time supporter of the work being done that affects us all. If you feel the same, please visit their Go Fund Me page.


The 2024 ILLUMINATE Film Festival was held in Santa Barbara, CA, April 5-14, 2024. The festival showcased narrative features, documentaries, episodics and shorts in the genre of transformational entertainment.  Categories included The Human Journey: Self and Relationship, Mind and Science, Meditation, Spirituality and Practice, Body and Nutrition, and Nature and Sustainability, and Arts and Creative Expression. You can visit their year-round Virtual Screening Room here.

The Omega Point Institute is a proud contributing sponsor of the ILLUMINATE Film Festival.ILLUMINATE is the world's leading film festival for evolutionary cinema, dedicated to elevating human consciousness and inspiring lasting transformation through cinema.

Peoples Self Help Housing Med_edited.png

More than 50 years ago, Peoples Self Help Housing started a mission to build permanent, supportive housing with site-based services that offer opportunities to change lives and strengthen communities. 


In the 1970s PSHH enlisted a group of families to build homes through the sweat equity process. In the mid-80s, PSHH moved into the development of rental housing. In the 1990s they combined vital supportive services and their neighborhoods now provide housing to over 5,000 individuals.

The Omega Point Institute is honored to be an ongoing financial contributor, having helped place several people into permanent housing in 2023-24 alone.

Label Gmo's Walk 2 Know

One of our projects, WALK 2 KNOW(c), started with a one year walk by Taylor Lancaster from Santa Monica, California to Manhattan, New York to encourage conversation about the right to know what is in our food and whether GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) are being hidden in our food supply. Every human being has the right to choose what they ingest, and unless the government requires GMOs to be labeled, we simply do not know what we are eating and what potentially adverse impacts those substances may have on our bodies or farming practices. This project is being launched with Taylor’s walk to raise national awareness and will continue indefinitely until the public has the right to demand that the existence of GMOs in our foods be identified on a product’s label.  It is more than a consumer right, it is a human right to be able to choose what we will ingest.

Hurricane Haiyan relief

Provided over $100,000 in relief for
Hurricane Haiyan victims

Mother Teresa autobiography

Distribution of the autobiography of Mother Teresa


National Peace Academy

Incubated the National Peace Academy for 3 years

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