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GMO labeling Walk 2 Know

Taylor Lancaster


for GMO Labeling 


a documentary

Pharm to Table is a documentary about truth, health, and the food we put into our bodies. Once a campaign called Walk 2 Know, Pharm to Table evolved into a film documenting Taylor Lancaster’s walk across the United States to discover what chemicals are put inside the food we eat. It is so important for people to know and care about what they put in their bodies, especially when it comes to genetically modified organisms (GMOs) which many people do not know about. The biggest goal of the film is to educate consumers so they can make a decision for themselves, and to convince companies and legislators to require GMO labeling on products. After watching the film, people leave educated and open to the idea of changing their shopping behaviors. 


The feature length documentary focuses on food security, Monsanto, and the trans-continental walk by Taylor Lancaster in opposition of H.R. 1599, also known as "The D.A.R.K. Act." In it you will see exclusive footage and interviews of two U.S. Congresspeople, a State Senator, Dr. Steven Druker, one of the foremost experts on GMOs, Robert Rahl, a Monsanto whistleblower, and a wealth of interviews with experts, authorities, and those affected by GMO foods and Glyphosate directly.



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Want to meet up with Taylor? Join the walk? Contact our Project Manager Orion Brutoco at



To walk across the United States to create awareness through news media coverage, social media and personal interaction about the importance of labeling our food and what is inside it; to give people the choice of what they put in their bodies.


Taylor's walk began in Santa Monica, CA on January 5, 2015, and after nine long months of trekking through 9 states, he will complete his journey in Washington DC in early October, 2015.


For the last 20 years, Taylor has been an avid backpacker, which has taken him on many excursions.  


Taylor's interest in Food Integrity began when he lived and worked in New Zealand as an organic farmer in 2007. There, he learned first-hand about the benefits of organic and sustainable farming and living.


In the summer and fall of 2012 Taylor lived at a Zen Monastery in Oregon. As part of his training, he worked in the organic garden and orchard.  In silence, he experienced what it means to live by action. This frame of mind enabled him to see the benefits of walking across America in support of something bigger than himself.


When Taylor returns from this journey, he will resume his work as a licensed massage therapist. In living a purposeful life, Taylor focuses on service to others as part of his path toward spiritual growth.


Santa Barbara Independent

Plan to Walk across America to Include Dialogue on Genetically Modified Organisms

Thursday, December 25th, 2014


On January 5, Santa Barbara resident Taylor Lancaster, 31, will go on a walk — a very long one. Beginning at Santa Monica beach, the Los Angeles–born Lancaster, who currently works at Yoga Soup as a desk yogi, intends to continue walking eastward, through the major cities of the desert, upward through the plains, and finally ending in Manhattan, in a transcontinental walk intended to cultivate discussions on genetically modified organisms (GMO)...



CBS Channel 5 Phoenix Interviews Taylor. View the video: Click Here!

Visiting the Desert Garden Montessori School in Phoenix, AZ.

Watch the school assembly! Click Here!

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